Burying the power lines facts sheets and news articles

In the News

Op-ed: "Why aren't the waterfront power lines buried?" 2/27/22 (online)

Op-ed: "Why aren't the waterfront power lines buried?" 2/27/22 (paper)

Groups allege racism in refusal to bury power lines,” front page, 7/24/21.

Two Letters to the editor:

“Fairness and National Grid,” 8/8/21, by Fox Point Neighborhood Association

“Unsightly power lines have got to go,” 8/22/21, by three business leaders:
                        Sally Lapides, President, Residential Properties Ltd.
                        Mark Hellendung, CEO, Narragansett Brewing Company
                         T.J.McNulty, CEO, Grand Festivals (aka RI Seafood Festival)



Map of proposed route to bury waterfront power lines

Summary: the case for burial

What’s at stake

Burial funds raised

Chronology of burial campaign

Economic benefits of burial

Economic development

Business support

Power lines reduce property values: Politifact, Providence Jrl., 11/16/14

Support for burial

Petition signers get the vision

List of 78 organizations supporting burial

State-level support

Excerpts from early support statements

Statement at first Energy Facility Siting Board hearing, 6/11/03