power lines references

Another power line study, Prov. Jrl, 3/3/17

Summary: Case for Burying Waterfront Power Lines

2,100 petition signers understand the benefits of burial

Six short quotes on burying the waterfront the power lines

Funding Update

Attaching power lines to bridges will reduce project costs, Prov. Jrl. Op Ed, 9/7/16

Economic Benefits of Burial

Businesses Support Burial

Economic Benefits: Boost Tourism & Development

Jobs: Hundreds Would Be Created by Burial Project

195 Waterfront Parcels Lose Value Because of Overhead Power Lines

Politifact: Power Lines zap property prices, but rarely by 30%, Prov. Jrl, 11/16/14, by Alex Kufner


195 Parcels & their Proximity to Waterfront Power Lines

Proposed Underground Route




Photos of existing power lines

Providence Journal Op Eds and Editorials

Bury the Lines, Editorial, 6/28/15

Bury Power Lines to Boost Waterfront, Op Ed, 6/16/15, by Michael Sabitoni and Sally Lapides

Burying Wires Key to RI Renaissance ,Op Ed, 3/9/15 , by Sen. Gayle Goldin, Rep. Chris Blazejewski, and Providence Councilman Seth Yurdin

Let’s Bury Waterfront Power Lines, Op Ed,11/24/14, by Patrick Lynch

Bury the Lines, Editorial, 10/30/13

Power Line Sticker Shock, Editorial, 11/20/14


Other Media Coverage
Review sought of rising cost to bury power lines,
Prov. Bus. News, 11/3/14

Price to bury power lines from Providence to East Providence skyrockets to $33.9 million, Prov. Jrl , 1/4/14

Power-Line burial plan stuck in neutral, Prov. Bus. News , 2/10/14

Push is on to bury lines, Prov. Bus. News, 10/7/13

Group seeks I-195 panel’s help in reviving plan to bury India Point Park power lines, Prov. Jr , 9/17/13

Satements of Support

State-level support for burial.

Additional statements of support

Statement before Energy Facilities Siting Bd.

Excerpts from selected statements